2016 ShoWare Shootout 3 on 3 Division Champions!

2016 ShoWare Shootout Presented by Republic Services

128 teams – 18 Bracket Champions



Team Champions


4th grade boys                          Hype Squad

5th grade boys                          Street Ballerz

6th grade boys                          Falcons

7th grade boys                          KYFS Shooters

8th grade boys                          Pippen Ain’t Easy

9th grade boys                           Make It Rain

High School Boys                      IDK

Adult Men – Sea Division         Mammasboys

Adult Men- Hawks Division    A Town’s Finest

4th grade girls                             Panthers

5th grade girls                             Impact

6th grade girls                             Formation

7th grade girls                             D1 Bound

8th grade girls                            White River Hornets

High School girls                       Half Court Queens

Adult Women                             Team Wavy

Wheelchair                                  Seattle Sonics 1

Family                                          Team Callero


Thanks again to all of the teams who participated in this year’s ShoWare Shootout!

Also special thanks to our great sponsors:

  • Republic Services
  • Sunset Chevrolet
  • Freight NW
  • City of Kent
  • ShoWare Center


See you next summer!


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